Welcome to speekit!

If you wish to apply for the beta send an email to info.speekit@gmail.com with the following:

    The username you want
    the password you want for that account
    and the email with which we can contact you about the beta program.

The website is currently under development so in the meantime fill out the google form to apply to join the beta testing group.

You can follow us on twitter @ https://twitter.com/speekit_

If you want donate to our bitcoin address 1G6kLbyHKZQYuF8SoR84Gog5Rv2JDS4FJr

If you want to donate to our dogecoin address D5ohiNj4TTSTb2tY67bqpA7Cxn2D8Jve3h

Note: This look is not permanent, it is something I threw together since I lost my previous host